Grand Master Lin was born in 1935 in Nanking, Mainland China. His family relocated to Taiwan, Republic of China in 1948. He graduated with a degree in history from Tung-Hai University; his specialty was Chinese Philosophy and its influence in Chinese culture. Master Lin served in the Iron Guard Troop, a cadre of military police responsible for presidential security. Master Lin has followed many Great Grand Masters and has served as assistant instructor to many of them. He is dedicated to passing on the teachings which were given to him, and is always willing to take on new students capable of learning and respecting his lineage. Some of the martial arts systems Master Lin has studied include: Sun-Ping, Tung-Pei, Shao-Lin, Chang-Chuan, Cha-Chuan, Pa-Chi, Jou-Chuan, Hsing-l, Pa Kua, Tai-Chi, Shuai-Chiao Chin-Na, and Kuai-Chiao. In addition, he holds advanced ranks or instructor status in other martial arts systems such as Aikido, Jujutze, Judo, and Karate. While Master Lin does not currently teach all of these systems, his wide experience has helped him to understand the essence of martial arts. Many years ago, Master Lin came to New York City, and he has been teaching in the Manhattan area ever since. He is Director of both the Pa-Kua Chang and Shuai-Chiao divisions of the United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation. He is also Shuai-Chiao Director of the United Kung-Fu federation of North America. He has helped promote Chinese Martial Arts within many famous national and international organizations such as the AAU.




CHANG TUNG-SHENG (Butterfly - The Shuai-Chiao King) Chief Systems: Shuai-Chiao, Kuai-Chiao, Tung-Pei, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua Chief Teachers: Ping Chin-I & Chan Feng Yan Traditional Shuai-Chiao & Pao-Ting Kuai-Chiao; Li Chin-Lin (Saint Sword) Wu-Tang Sword & Tai-Chi

CHANG TUN-HSI: (The Fastest Chin-Na & Grappling) Chief Systems: Chi-Men Tung-Pei, Tung Pei Tai-Chi, Tien Hsuam (Dim-Mak), Tung-Pei Praying Mantis, Taoist Chi-Kung, and Nei-Kung. Chief Teachers: Chang-Tze (The Saint Arm) Tung-Pei & Tung-Pei Tai-Chi

FAN CHIH-HSIAO: (Shantung Famous Bodyguard - #1 Sword Teacher in Taiwan) Chief Systems: Long Fist, Pa-Chi, Huang-Chen, Cha-Chuan, Shuai-Chiao, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Chin-Na Chief Teachers: Chiang Jung-Chiao Hsing-I &Pa-Kua; Ping-Ching-I, Ma-Laing Shuai-Chiao

FU SHU-YUN: (The Number 1 Woman Internal Martial Artist in China) Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua; Pa-Kua Tai-Chi, Long-Fist, Cha-Chuan, Pa-Chi Chief Teachers:Yang Chen-Fu Yang Tai-Chi; Sun Lu-Tang Tai-Chi, Hsing-I,& Pa-Kua; Wu Chun-Shan Pa-Kua Tai-Chi; Huang Pei-Lien Hsing-I, Pa-Kua

HO SHUN-TING: (Head Instructor of Taiwan Kuosho Federation) Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua Chief Teachers: Sun Lu-Tang & Cheng Huai-Hsien Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, & Shao-Lin

LIU YUN-CHIAO: (The Taiwan Wu-Tang School Founder) Pa-Chi, P'I Kua, Chen Tai-Chi, Pa-Kua, Tang-Lang Chief Teachers: Li Shu-Wen Pa-Chi P¹I Kua; Yin-Fu & Kung Pao-Tirn Pa-Kua; Ting Tzu-Ch¹ing Liu-Ho Tang Lang

MENG CHAO-HSUN: (The Quickest Hand in Taiwan) Pei-Yuan Tung-Pei (White Ape Tung-Pei), Shao-Lin He-Hu (Black Tiger)

PAN WEN-TOU: (The Iron guard¹s Chief Instructor) Pa-Chi, Combat Kuai-Chiao, Chin-Na, Shuai-Chiao Chief Teachers: Ping Ching-I, Ma-Liang Shuai-Chiao

SUN CHAO-TANG: The Only Sun-Ping Grand-Master in Taiwan, Cha-Chuan - The secret Cha System, Shao-Lin He-Hu (Black Tiger), Sun-Ping Chief Teachers: Yang Ting-Tung Sun-Ping (The Art of Strategy)

TUNG CHIN-LUNG: Grand-Master of Ho-Chuan (Crane System), Jou-Chuan (The Internal Southern Style)

WANG FENG-TING: # 1 Strongman in Taiwan, Wang's Family Kung-Li system, Northern Tai-Tsu system Chief Teachers: Tung Chung-I Shuai-Chiao

Some Important Short Term Teachers

Kao Tao-Sheng: (The Kung Fu Saint) Chang-Chuan, Tang-Lang

Sun Chien-Yun: Sun Lu-Tang's daughter, Sun Lu-Tang System 

Chang Wen-Kuang: Modern Wu-Shu Grand-Master, Cha-Chuan 

Hsu Tze-Linan: The last Sun-Ping Grand-Master

Long Term Teachers of Other Martial Arts

Chang Kua-An: The #1 Jujutze in Taiwan, Judo

Huang Ch'ang-Lang: The #1 Judo Teacher in Taiwan 

Li Chin-Nan: The # 1 Aikido in Taiwan 

Chen hsien-chung: The # 1 Karate in Taiwan